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Broken Relationships Mended

Finding Christ Through Romance

Is  true romance storybook fiction? In a day of twitter and Facebook, we hide in an imaginary world hidden behind a cloak of invisibility. My bride and I worked through fifty years of real-life romance intermingled with intermittent intervals of conflict. Please don’t get the idea that only women think romantic thoughts. Men try to hide it on the gruff back pages of a sports magazine, but it’s there in the question: How do I get her attention and make her happy?

Dating, marriage, and betrayal are not fiction, and yet fictional characters can guide us through our real-life experiences with characters that parallel our own struggles. In my stories of love and contention, my hope is to lead the reader to transforming truths.

Jesus loves romancing His bride, the church. He shows His love for His bride in the many stories He tells about her. We see one of the most romantic stories about His love in the Song of Solomon. He speaks as the groom and wants us, His Church, to return that love He declared from the cross as He gave His all for us. All He wants is our faithfulness in our love.

People Say the Nicest Things

I enjoyed reading about Hope and her struggle to find purpose and path for her life. Alcoholism is not the only way to go through life, prayers and listening to God's plan is better.
Judi M.
Thank you for "A New Hope." I enjoyed the reading & the message. Glad God didn't give up on Hope & He doesn't give up on us either.
"A New Hope" tells a fantastic story of love, forgiveness and restoration. There are parts of every character's story that I personally relate to. As their stories unfold we find the depths one goes through to receive God's mercy and grace. I look forward to your next book.